Providing Secure Commercial Security Systems Solutions

Commercial Security Systems Automation and Integration

One size does not fit all when it comes to commercial security systems requirements. Needs vary by industry as much as by type and severity of the risks. Some industries, such as petrochemical or transportation involve dangerous chemicals and/or machinery. They also involve increased exposure to terrorism and vandalism. Retail operations, on the other hand, have a very different set of security issues, beginning with inventory shrinkage from both external and internal sources, each requiring different security solutions.

Servicing Texas Commercial Security Systems Needs

Our Corporate office is in the heart of Dallas, Texas, with local capabilities that are extended out to other Texas offices in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Longview, Corpus Christi and Lubbock. Call Koetter today and let’s discuss integrating your commercial security systems into a more cost-effective and manageable network.

Fully Portable Monitored Surveillance Unit

With an ever growing Texas economy, the need for security in almost every aspect of business has seen consistent growth. With construction and business in full motion Koetter has recognizing the never ending need for Surviellance Video Solutions and asset protection in the Commercial and Residential Building sector. Along with other areas of this need such as Oil Fields, Events and other situational needs, our security systems solutions are custom built to client objectives.

Koetter’s Mobile Surveillance Units are custom designed to fit each client’s specific needs. We start by being sure we understand what the client is looking for. In most instances, a Commercial Contractor or a Residential Builder is looking for a temporary security solution without paying an arm and a leg for it. In these situations, there may be several solutions.

Koetter Commercial Security Systems Services Snapshot

Access Control Systems

Ensuring that people, material assets and operations are secure is vital to any business or organization. Access control systems address the full scope of risks that may arise, including risks that other security systems such

Video Surveillance

Koetter offers video surveillance security solutions for all types of business and industry. We utilize network digital video with powerful management platforms across multiple locations to increase operational and security

Monitored Mobile Surveillance Video

Making sure that its people, material assets and operations are safe and secure is essential to the health of a business or organization. Access control addresses the full scope of risks that may arise

Fire Protection Systems

Full-service security isn’t complete without fire protection. Koetter Security is affiliated with the top names in total fire protection solutions. Koetter Fire Protection is a full-service, specialty fire protection

Security Systems Integration

Coordinates the sub-systems and provides remote applications for total control. A large organization with multiple locations can access all branches from a single interface. For smaller, multiple location

Sound Masking Systems

In today’s business environment productivity and often confidentiality are important factors in a business model. In new building design many architects and building owners opt for an open concept work environment.

Providing Secure Commercial Security Systems Solutions

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions is the only name that you need to know for electronic commercial security systems solutions in the great state of Texas.

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