Aiphone Security Systems

Create a safe environment for employees, customers, patients or students by securing all buildings, campuses, and parking structures with one of Aiphone’s versatile intercom systems. In addition to entry security, Aiphone intercoms can provide internal communication and paging notifications where desired. Choose the best application for your industry needs whether they be commercial, healthcare, government, transportation, educational, or any other.

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Aiphone Security Solutions

Designed to Last
Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, with contemporary design and the finest quality hardware and circuitry. All Aiphone products are engineered and tested with reliability in mind.

Winner of the Deming Prize
Aiphone is the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. Named in the honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the award honors firms worldwide which advance and maintain manufacturing quality.

ISO 9001 Certified
Aiphone is the first intercom manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America. An agency representing the International Standards Organization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, graded Aiphone against guidelines for design and development, production, and product inspection and testing. ISO 9001 standards provide an immediate recognition of product quality almost anywhere in the world.

Video Intercom with Touchscreen

The JP Series features a 7” touchscreen for system navigation, door release, and viewing visitors on the large display. Hands-free and handset communication is featured on all inside stations and picture memory records images onto an SD/SDHC card. The JP Series supports up to 8 inside stations for internal communication and 4 door stations.

Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Video Intercom

Save valuable time with hassle-free and quick system programming. Choose to revise tenant directory from a remote location over the same network or make prompt updates onsite using NFC technology. Mix and match a variety of styles for the best combination to meet the security needs of the building and budget. For a single building application, the GT Series supports up to 16 entrance stations, 4 video guard stations, and 500 tenant stations. With the new GT-MCX network adaptor, expand up to 480 entrance stations, 96 video guard stations, and 5,000 tenant stations.

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