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American Dynamics develops some of the world’s most needed video technologies. Technologies that help retailers thwart organized crime to protect their bottom line, and universities provide peace of mind to parents of incoming students. Technologies that help our governments secure ports and borders, and hospitals ensure the safety and privacy of their patients. Technologies that move beyond security to become essential business-enabling tools.

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Analog Cameras

American Dynamics analog cameras give you clear and accurate images. Their cameras provide a cost effective solution for anyone requiring analog camera surveillance. With easy mounting options, several models and configurations to choose from, and powerful features, American Dynamics analog cameras help meet your most demanding surveillance needs. From their Discover 200 to the 600 Series, models include mini-domes, bullet, box and PTZ. American Dynamics offers a broad range of box camera lenses to meet the most demanding surveillance applications.

IP Cameras

Quality in means quality out. The only way to guarantee you will see a clear and accurate picture on your monitor is to start with a camera that is capable of feeding clear and accurate pictures into the system. American Dynamics line of IP cameras do exactly that, giving you the best quality image each and every time. From their IP mini-domes to the Illustra Series, their cameras offer superior resolution and low light performance. American Dynamics cameras penetrate light levels as low as .02 lux. Camera pre-packs take the guesswork out of installation, and provide you with everything you need; they are pre assembled for your convenience at no extra charge.

Network Video Recorders

IP surveillance systems are at their best with VideoEdge NVR solutions. Manage, access and control your IP systems with state of the art features that allow you to search quickly and easily through many hours of video. Alerts can be generated through more than one NVR, and each system can be customized for a solution that fits your needs. VideoEdge solutions deliver high quality results each and every time.

Digital Video Recorders

American Dynamics offers the most comprehensive range of digital video management products on the market. Available in a range of hardware platforms, including an IP-based platform, there is a system tailored to fit nearly any application.

Video Management Systems

American Dynamics offers the most comprehensive range of video management solutions on the market. From the industry-renowned Network Client for digital video management, to the game-changing victor unified video management solution, managing video has never been more intuitive.

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