Remote ATM Surveillance


ATM Interactive Remote Monitoring

Koetter Advanced Security offers clients interactive remote monitoring for ATM machines using video analytics and live remote monitoring for stopping vandals from the destruction of ATMs and with rapid police response, often causing the outlaws to be arrested on site.

How it works.

When the analytics activate the system, Koetter’s command and control center (CMS) goes live to the site and if appropriate, we start live voice downs telling the criminals, “you in the red shirt, leave now, the police have been dispatched and that you will be arrested when they arrive”. Our CMS currently monitors sites all over North America.

This is a cost effective service, normally conducted between one and six AM and with new sophisticated analytics, we have very few false activations; which, gives us excellent police response. Our service is a standalone solution that does not interfere with your existing security systems or we can blend it with any existing video and intrusion systems.

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