Commercial Office Security Solutions

Data protection, secure area access, staff and visitor monitoring and disaster recovery plans are major concerns for large office based Financial Services organizations. Koetter Security professionals have a long established background working with large financial services organizations in providing reliable, effective security solutions tailored to meet individual site and organizational requirements.

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Commercial Office Security Solutions

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our commercial office security solutions are built with the user in mind and contain mechanisms that make system operation efficient and straight forward. Companies like yours count on Koetter to protect their brand and drive business growth; we can do it for your company too!.

Commercial Office Security Solutions from Koetter Include

Access Control
Staff Identification Management
Property & Asset Protection
Disaster Recovery
Integrated Security Solutions
Monitored Burglar, Fire Alarms

Security Systems Integrations

Restricted Access System Solutions for Commercial Office

Secure Area Access Control

Where access to buildings or departments is limited or controlled, Koetter’s security management systems can use biometric fingerprint readers which will add an extra layer of security, eliminating the risk of cards or codes being passed on. Alternatively using the partition feature, allows individual departments to assign specific access rights for staff and visitors.

Staff Identification Management

Quick transfer data rates ensure processing new staff is exceptionally fast. Security management amendment facilities allow for access rights and identification to be changed or removed instantly, removing rights when employee status changes.

Property & Asset Protection

Access control and video security systems reduce the risk of theft by making sure that non-authorized staff and visitors are unable to access key restricted areas. In extreme circumstances where theft does occur, camera views or videos can quickly be studied in real-time or as part of an investigation.

Disaster Recovery

Tightly integrated security management solutions with alarm management features enable security staff and other personnel to quickly view, acknowledge and respond as a result of an alarm being triggered, heightening security measures across single or multiple sites with the touch of a button.

Fully Integrated Security Solutions

Koetter’s integrated security systems products are centered around providing a tightly integrated security management system, ensuring that security and building management applications can be easily managed from a single platform. Security product software comes already packed with a variety of standard options, providing optimum security technology performance.

Heat, Smoke and Fire Detection and Suppression

Koetter fire protection systems are designed to detect heat and smoke 24/7, even when systems are not armed, and monitoring personnel can coordinate with emergency authorities to provide businesses with the fastest response possible when critical. Koetter fire protection expertise is known globally for providing integrated solutions to detect and suppress every type of fire threat.

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