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Koetter Advanced Security offers options for Intercom systems through Aiphone. These systems can be as simple as the main entry to a receptionist who provides door management, or to a more robust option for multi-tenants such as apartment complexes, student housing and multi-unit office spaces.

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PTI Integrated Systems for Access Control:

  • PTI Integrated Systems for Access Control: Established in 1979, PTI became a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing complete solutions for access control and security. Built to withstand the harshest environments, PTI keypads will work flawlessly for years to come.
  • PTI Apex: The Ideal Keypad for Your Gate Access Control System
  • Apex keypads provide are flexible and durable solutions for your gate access control system. With two-way intercoms, proximity card options, pay-at-the-gate functionality, pinhole cameras, and custom language settings, Apex keypads are the most flexible keypads for securing self storage units.
  • Apex Series Keypads represent the highest security and access control devices available in self storage today. They’re UL listed and come standard with a one year warranty.
  • PTI 700 Series Keypads: DigiGate keypads have a number of available features, including built-in intercom, customizable LCD screens, proximity readers, and card readers. Among the Digitech keypads are models that feature an on-board tamper switch, device operating relay, two independent alarm inputs to the system, and easy wiring. Ideal for secure entrances to wine rooms or areas for pharmaceutical or document storage with dedicated keypads and add layers of security to the facility.

Intercom and Gate Access Security Systems

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions is one of the few fully certified and trained PTI Dealers in the DFW area. With the DFW marketplace exhibiting growth in many industries, there is a great need for exterior security. This would include Storage Facilities and Industrial and Distribution sites that desire a greater scale of security, including control of who is let in and out of the grounds.

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