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GeoVision focuses on high-end video surveillance products and solutions. The company’s GV-series DVRs, hybrid DVRs, and IP network video products are all equipped with built-in video content analysis. GeoVision also specializes in network surveillance and remote monitoring. The company’s video surveillance products can integrate with central monitoring stations, access control systems, point-of-sales, ATM, GIS, and license plate recognition systems. To meet the needs of its multi-regional customers around the world, GeoVision provides 28 language versions of products under the GeoVision brand.

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GE IP Cameras | General Electric Security Products

GE IP Cameras

An Internet protocol camera is a type of digital video camera commonly used for a variety of video surveillance. Unlike closed circuit cameras, CCTV cameras can send and receive data via a computer network or through the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, IP cameras are usually applied only to those used for surveillance.

NVR DVR & Hot Swap Recording Server

NVR DVR & Hot Swap Recording Server

Support large data throughput from multiple megapixel cameras. GeoVision redefines the industrial NVR, DVR and Hot Swap Recording Server systems with multiple megapixel technology for IP based video surveillance systems that combine large recorded data availability, exceptional reliability, expandable data storage and intuitive software control.

Video Management Software

The GeoVision Central Monitoring Station program provides an overall central monitoring solution for high-profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential use markets. The complete and powerful network structure of the Central Monitoring Station will effectively reduce false alarms and efficiently dispatch the security guards to any gaming areas and the surroundings to relieve alerts.

Capture Card

GeoVision is a leader in the sector of Capture Cards for PC-based video surveillance and its video surveillance products successfully bridge the analog and digital worlds.

Access Control

GeoVision access control panels compare an employees credential number to an access the access control list, in turn either granting or dening the request, and sends this request to a log in your database. If and when employee access is denied based on the access control list based on what you settings are, the door will remain locked. If the employee credentials in the access control list are compatible, the control panel operates a relay which in turn unlocks the door.


GeoVision’s LPR and ANPR cameras are designed solely for recognition of reflective license plates on vehicles. With its high-power LEDs and intelligent IR, the camera is able to automatically adjust its shutter speed to the scene and produce clear license plate capture under low-light conditions. Under certain conditions can capture up to two lanes in a single shot. LPR and ANPR can be easily configured through its Web interface and you can record and play back recordings using the free GV-NVR software included in the standard packages.

Digital Signature

GeoVision’s has a variety of digital media players are designed to deliver uninterrupted playback of Digital Signage presentations. Our media players feature top notch features, including: multimedia support, video resolution up to 1080p, video output of HDMI or VGA, content Schedule and Content Designer, content management system, IR remote control, wireless connectivity, and SD/SDHC card and USB storage.

PoE Switch

GeoVision’s PoE switches do not require a special network cable is required for connecting your powered devices (PD), such as IP cameras. The switch also provides exceptionally smart Web management features, such as VLAN, QoS, RSTP, IGMP Snooping, LACP, Port Security, etc. The switch is designed for medium or large network environment to strengthen its network connection and efficiency.

HD SDI Camera

This HD-SDI digital image camera uses a highly sensitive color Sony 1/2.8″ interline transfer Charge Coupled Device (CMOS) image sensor, producing pictures reaching up 900 lines of horizontal resolution. Super ATR-EX technology can achieve the WDR application through the normal image sensor. A carefully planned privacy zone enables monitoring more at ease. Featuring two models in a fixed lens or a Varifocal lens.

Geovision Accessories

GeoVision offers a wide variety of accessories for all its products from joysticks, keyboards and mouses, and gps receivers for all of its cameras, software programs and hard drives.

GV-FR2020 Face Recognition Reader

The face recognition reader can work with GV‐AS Controller and GV‐ASManager to create a complete access control system. Two
types of operation modes are supported: Face Recognition or Card.

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