Government Facilities Security Solutions

Whether security for a government building or legislative office, it’s important that your security system be scalable in order to adapt to changing needs. Koetter Security can provide customized, integrated security solutions that meet the specific needs of your facility, whether your agency is local, state, or federal. From elected officials and staff, civil servants, financial and property records and the personal information of citizens, the number and types of people, data and assets entrusted to government protection is extensive and requires modern integrated digital solutions

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Bioscript Biometrics Security

Government Facility Security Challenges

Government agencies face extraordinary challenges when it comes to providing public safety. From regular day-to-day responsibilities of citizen inquiries and credentialing services to emergency communications and response, your agency must be ready for anything.

Koetter Security provides systems that add communication solutions to secured environments, such as government buildings, courthouses, city halls, embassies and consulates, police and fire stations, as well as, transportation stations, and public utilities.

Security Solutions from Koetter Include

Access Control Systems
Access and Intrusion Control
Cost-Effective Security Solutions
Video/CCTV Surveillance
Smoke and Fire Detection
Visitor, and Staff Safety

GE Security

Restricted Access System Solutions for Government Facilities

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user.

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions’ Government Facilities Security Solutions are built with the agency’s specific needs and standards in mind.

Smart Card Use for Access and Intrusion Control

Using Koetter Security’s access control smart card enrollment and authentication solutions, government employees or contractors can use government-issued smart cards that eliminate the need for multiple cards. This one card grants access to specific areas but not to restricted areas.
One such solution provides a three-step authentication process that is ideally suited for government applications. The software extracts cardholder data from a smart card validates the cardholder’s PIN and completes on-card biometrics matching. Digital certificates are verified by security personnel using the issuer’s certificate authority, Cards are validated using appropriate challenge-response protocols in order to identify forged or cloned cards.

In case of an emergency, the system can lock down all doors or can automatically lock them at a selected time of day. Any unauthorized access attempts or movements in predefined fields of view will trigger an alarm that will be captured by the cameras and then recorded onto the Digital Video Management System. Koetter’s security systems integration provides a proven solution for your unique government requirements.

Providing Cost-Effective Security Solutions

Many agencies and organizations are confronted with the difficult dual tasks of bringing several facilities onto one security system, while stretching limited budget dollars.

Koetter Security provides practical security solutions for real-world circumstances that respect your budget issues. At Koetter, we are committed to assisting local, state and federal government agencies in providing facilities nationwide a safe environment in which to allow day-to-day operations.

Working Within Government Standards: Government Facilities Security Solutions from Koetter

Providing safety and security for government agencies and facilities requires knowledge of the various standards and most up-to-date requirements. Agencies need to create secure environments for employees and visitors while adhering to government standards.

Heat, Smoke and Fire Detection and Suppression

Koetter fire protection systems are designed to detect heat and smoke 24/7, even when systems are not armed, and monitoring personnel can coordinate with emergency authorities to provide businesses with the fastest response possible when critical. Koetter fire protection expertise is known globally for providing integrated solutions to detect and suppress every type of fire threat.

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