Hospital Security Solutions

Is your hospital or other healthcare facility as secure as it could be? Healthcare facilities are one of the most highly regulated industries experiencing a growing number of security concerns. Patient, staff and visitor safety, regulations regarding the security of personal records and information, and the protection of expensive equipment and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are just a few of the security issues that make the need of a hospital security system vital.

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Hospital Security Solutions

Hospital & Healthcare Security Solutions from Koetter

Koetter Security specializes in working with hospitals and healthcare facilities to offer a cost-effective means of protecting their patients, visitors, and staff while maintaining compliance with all healthcare regulations. Koetter’s healthcare security solutions represent a management system tailored to the specific standards, processes, and challenges of healthcare institutions. With an integrated solution from Koetter Advanced Security Solutions, we can provide a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements.

Healthcare & Hospital Security Solutions Include

Patient, Visitor, and Staff Safety
Access Control Systems
Energy Management
Video/CCTV Surveillance
Integration to External Systems
Monitored Burglar, Fire and Carbon

Hospital Security Solutions

Hospital Security Challenges

Hospitals often have multiple buildings and various areas that require different levels of access control. In-house pharmacies, birthing centers, and emergency rooms all require their own level of security. With a large volume of staff, visitors, and patients entering daily, proper security can be extremely difficult to achieve and, if ignored, can impose many issues on the hospital itself, often legal. Managing this level of access security within the facility with no disruption or inconvenience can prove to be extremely difficult.

Some of the common issues and challenges faced by the healthcare field consist of access control management, false injury reports, theft, and vandalism; federal, state, and local regulatory requirements that must be met; and continuously evolving technologies. A wide range of needs like these requires a multi-layer integrated security system that can become highly complex and extremely costly.

Staff, Visitor & Patient Safety

Patient and visitor safety is paramount to hospitals as their reputation depends on it. The potential threats that aggressive patients pose to staff and other patients must also be managed effectively. With large open public areas to monitor and issue such as tracking medications, the effective positioning of video camera surveillance that can record high-quality images is an essential deterrent tool. Knowing that any incidents will be seen on cameras and then recorded onto the digital video management system provides peace of mind. Video clips can be quickly exported for any ensuing investigation by police and/or internal review.

Restricted Access System Solutions

Today’s hospital threat climate makes it vital to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to restricted areas. Electronic security systems can help achieve this. Koetter’s access control products offer specific features designed to meet the needs of a hospital environment from advanced monitoring of doors (reducing incidence of false alarms) to the ability to use access card readers that can validate staff ID at various areas within a hospital where security levels can be different.

If an identified threat level increases, perhaps within the nursery, the system operation can be changed to reflect this, automatically changing individual access levels, and increasing security levels. Beyond the security environment, the access control system can be used to help in areas from health and safety by allowing only trained personnel to use certain equipment.

Koetter’s Video/CCTV products have been selected from the top brands available to address the normal security requirements of monitoring hospital buildings, visitor and patient movement, car parks, and emergency access ways which are paramount, as well as meeting operational requirements. These operational requirements, for example, include monitoring medical staff as they care for patients and handle private paperwork to help ensure that they are meeting all of the regulations issued by the government.

Heat, Smoke and Fire Detection and Suppression

Koetter fire protection systems are designed to detect heat and smoke 24/7, even when systems are not armed, and monitoring personnel can coordinate with emergency authorities to provide businesses with the fastest response possible when critical. Koetter fire protection expertise is known globally for providing integrated solutions to detect and suppress every type of fire threat.

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions Understands your Healthcare Security Needs

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the operating environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our Healthcare Security Solutions are built with the user in mind to make system operation efficient and straight forward. You can count on Koetter for the integrated security system solutions you need to enhance your hospital, clinic, or other healthcare related operation and security. You’ll sleep better with Koetter!

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