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Honeywell security and life safety management solutions can be customized to the needs of any facility, no matter how complex. Honeywell’s offering is extensive. It spans product, manufacturing, project engineering, advanced applications and the maintenance and servicing of advanced systems. Honeywell’s ability to collect information from multiple points, integrate it and distribute it minimizes security breaches, speeds response times, helps reduce risk in an emergency, optimizes asset utilization and supports productivity gain.

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Advanced Access Control

Honeywell’s fully-integrated cardholder management database facilitates effective supervision of employees by utilizing the latest IT technologies and integrations with HR systems, such as SAP® or PeopleSoft. Visitor and contractor processing is also streamlined due to integration with business systems. The systems can operate in a redundant configuration ensuring a high level of reliability. Plus, Honeywell security solutions are a certified software partner to SAP and have approved integration capabilities with Oracle and PeopleSoft.

System Integration

Systems must do more than prevent and deter. Consideration must be given to “Managed Response”. Risk mitigation, as well as managed response, must be a part of the design process. Honeywell provides integration services that integrate critical systems, such as life safety, security and HVAC systems, into a single operational picture of your facility. Integration gives an operator the ability to centrally monitor and manage various systems in emergency situations.

Digital Video Management (DVM)

The Honeywell DVM provides highly reliable, digital closed circuit television surveillance. Powerful search capabilities support quick retrieval of specified recorded incidents. Integration with security systems allows viewing of alarms after the incident for effective investigations.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter monitoring – using the latest fiber optics, motion detection or infrared system – provides a first line of defense for your facility.

Life Safety Management and Mass Emergency Communications

Support faster, more effective safety management and emergency evacuation and minimize unwanted alarms.

People and Asset Location and Management

Real-time location systems instantly locate staff and equipment. These systems show the last known locations in emergencies, improve capital outlay and deter theft.

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