Houses of Worship Security

Is your church, or another house of worship as secure as it could be? Today, even churches are a target for criminal activity. Acts of violence or crime at church are rare. Nevertheless, church buildings and church schools are vulnerable to individuals with criminal intent. The need for a church security system is more apparent as criminals view churches as “soft targets” for theft, fraud or violence. Koetter specializes in working with churches to offer a cost-effective means of protecting their congregation without letting the security hardware become a distraction to the ministry.

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Church, Synagogue & Other Houses of Worship Security Challenges

The challenge for many congregations is to find an affordable security system that provides essential safety and security. Churches and other houses of worship are generally large public buildings with numerous doors and windows. Criminals often view most churches as an easy target because of the open and welcoming environment they foster, making them easy to get in and out. They know that more than ever that church facilities contain valuable, high-tech items such as musical instruments and multimedia equipment. Many churches even have a retail presence with valuable merchandise, and criminals know that many of these high-value assets often reside in a concentrated area.

Security Solutions from Koetter Include

Congregation & Staff Safety
Access Control Systems
Intrusion Detection
Video/CCTV Surveillance
Integration to External Systems
Monitored Burglar, Fire Alarms

Security Systems Integrations

Restricted Access System Solutions for Houses of Worship

Usually by their nature churches have many people, groups coming and going making building security and key control tough. Find a way to tighten up and ensure that keys only go to responsible individuals and that the last person who leaves at night is a responsible adult. A locked facility may be the first step in hardening your church as a target.

Almost all churches have had some problems with vandalism and theft. Members’ cars are left unattended in a parking lot usually with no oversight for at least an hour. Many churches are in high crime neighborhoods. Most churches host youth activities, young adult groups, sporting events, parties and weddings on their property. Many churches lease space to outside groups on a regular basis for educational classes and community organizations.

Video Surveillance

Crooks often look to see if there is video surveillance in place. If not it is a green light to proceed for them. If there is one in place and their image is captured chances are they will get caught. Internal and external areas like parking lots should be covered. High-speed dome cameras offer the most sophisticated video surveillance. It has a powerful zoom lens that can pan and tilt in almost every direction. This is the perfect tool for covering large areas like parking lots or building perimeters.
Koetter fire protection systems are designed to detect heat and smoke 24/7, even when systems are not armed, and monitoring personnel can coordinate with emergency authorities to provide businesses with the fastest response possible when critical. Koetter fire protection expertise is known globally for providing integrated solutions to detect and suppress every type of fire threat.

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The reality is that today, churches face the same security challenges as any other business, school, government or commercial facility, and the liabilities that go along with it. Is your church prepared? Contact a Koetter representative and let us show you solutions used by thousands of churches to keep a church safe. Koetter Advanced Security Solutions offers quality equipment from leading manufactures in the industry. Whether your needs are for one site or multiple locations, Koetter Security can provide solutions customized to fit your institution’s needs. Our security experts will meet with you and assess your security goals and requirements as well as implement a security system that is reliable and fits within your budget.

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions Understands Security Solutions Needs for Houses of Worship

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our security solutions for houses of worship are built with the user in mind that make system operation efficient and straight forward. You can count on Koetter for the integrated security system solutions you need to protect your institution’s congregation and assets.

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