Industry Security Solutions

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized industrial security solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our security solutions are built with the user in mind and contain mechanisms that make system operation efficient and straight forward. Companies like yours count on Koetter to protect their brand and drive business growth; we can do it for your company too!

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Airport & Aviation Security

Airports & Aviation

In today’s climate of violent threat levels in security, it is vital to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the most dangerous restricted access areas as possible. Electronic security helps achieve this and many other goals. Airports and airlines have to maintain a substantial growth in surveillance and security in order to meet the increasing threats from terrorists and others alike. These security issues facing the Aviation industry, both pre and post 9/11 are both specific and demanding as well imperative in order to run a smooth and safe infrastructure in a post 9/11 world.

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Banking & Finance Security Solutions

Banking & Finance

Financial institutions provide an array of products from the world’s largest institutions with assets greater than billions of dollars, to small towns with community banks and credit unions. These institutions face discrete challenges in today’s spiraling economic climate. A bank’s ability to protect customers, staff, major assets, and its premises is an important task for banks that strive to provide customers with a more open self-efficient service style of banking, which can also leave staff and customers more vulnerable to a physical attack.

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Commercial Office Security Solutions

Commercial Office Security Solutions

Manage your resources and safeguard your property, whatever size your building may be. Koetter offers integrated security solutions that help you meet that challenge. From small single buildings to multi-campus commercial office complexes Koetter provides a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors. Our security systems monitor what goes on in and around your facilities at your convenience, providing reliable and rapid communication of alarm signals.

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School Security Systems by Koetter Security

Educational Campuses

With increasing needs to provide higher levels of security for both staff and students, many schools are taking an active approach to eliminate random acts of violence and thefts. Working with constricted budgets, schools need a cost-effective, flexible security solution for their facilities. From preschools, K-12 schools, private and boarding schools, college campuses and dorms of all sizes, Koetter Security can provide you with a system for virtually any application at a reasonable price to fit a cost-effective budget.

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Government Building Security Solutions

Government Facilities

Government offices take top priority when trying to protect their establishments. Agencies face extraordinary challenges to provide public safety. From regular day-to-day responsibilities of citizen inquiries and credentialing services, to emergency communications and response, your agency must be ready for anything and everything on a day to day basis. From small town government offices such as police stations, county building and court houses to larger scopes that may include VA offices and Federal building Koetter Security can accommodate the security environment and help protect the people that protect us.

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Koetter Advanced Security Solutions Company in Dallas TX

Healthcare & Hospital Security Solutions

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated of all industries and hospitals and healthcare systems present many challenges that require proven integrated solutions. Koetter’s Healthcare solutions represent security management systems that are tailored to the specific standards, processes, and challenges of healthcare institutions. With an integrated solution from Koetter Advanced Security Solutions, we can provide a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements.

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House Of Worship Security Solutions

Houses Of Worship | Church Security Solutions

Is your place of worship as secure as it could be? Today, religious houses are the target of criminal activity. Criminals often view houses of worship as an easy target because of the open and welcoming environment they foster, making them easy to get in and out. They know more than ever that a church, a Majid, a temple or synagogue may contain valuable, high-tech items such as musical instruments, cash, and multimedia equipment. Many Religious organizations are subjected to hate crimes, discrimination, vandalism, and other heinous acts of crime. Protecting what is valued through religion by addressing its security through video surveillance, access control management, and alarm panic features may enhance the house of worships livelihood and display comfort knowing that security is a big piece of the building.

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IT Telecom

IT/Data Center/Telecom

Securing millions of square feet worth of materials, equipment, people and information is not an easy task. With thousands of workers, visitors and contractors walking in and out of different areas, a watchful eye has to always be alert. Our industrial/manufacturing security professionals understand that in your industry ensuring that all facilities are safe and secure is vital to running a successful and profitable business. Koetter’s customizable set of features allow you to identify possible threats and provide the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring, automatically react to events and emergency situations, and go back to investigate on what happened. Koetter Advanced Security Solutions is equipped to meet the security challenges that exist in large industrial environments.

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Oil & Gas Security Solutions

Oil & Gas Security Solutions

Oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities have specific, high-risk security issues. In addition to the normal business operating needs of their industry, they also have to comply with many stringent regulations associated with anti-terrorism. Other common issues, which are often multi-site, include health, safety and managing access levels and securing the facilities. All these challenges can be met with an integrated solution of Access Control, Video and Fire solutions from Koetter.

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Retail Security Solutions

Retail Security Solutions

Securing your inventory from theft, ensuring that every transaction is complete and legitimate and optimizing employee productivity are keys to success in retail. Whether you operate a clothing store, convenience store or supermarket, Koetter’s integrated security solutions reduce shrinkage, protect assets and staff and drive profitability. Our integrated solution can monitor suspect areas or be linked to the point of sale, which is in turn recorded via the integrated digital video recorder when an alarm/event is activated. CCTV monitoring systems give employees peace of mind to know that any incidents will be seen on cameras. A store manager responsible for many stores must have the ability to monitor them all remotely from any location. Access control software establishes access zones in warehouses, loading bays, storage rooms, and other areas, ensuring only authorized personnel are admitted at the correct times.

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Transportation Security Solutions

Transportation Security Solutions

The movement of passengers and cargo by road and rail has been one of the most frequently targeted sectors for both terrorists and organized crime, creating a need for security systems that can be scaled to meet requirements. The ability to create co-ordinate responses to incidents is becoming increasingly critical. Koetter helps meet these security requirements by providing access control, CCTV and intruder products. Access control can limit access to the sensitive area and CCTV systems can help identify suspicious activity. When linked together with other systems such as intrusion detection, fire, and public address systems, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions can become a powerful command and control application allowing users to detect, monitor and respond to events in the safest and effective way.

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