Mass Notification Systems

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions’ intrusion portfolio addresses the challenges your company, agency or organization faces every day. Intrusion solutions may include both internal and external protection and often involve something as common as air conditioning. Skyrocketing prices for metal, especially copper, have turned air conditioner theft into an epidemic. Air conditioning and air conditioner units are being stolen for their scrap value, with thefts occurring on both ground and roof mounted units. Long range motion sensors and photo beams are part of custom security solutions employed by Koetter to detect this intrusion. Interior and exterior sirens and/or strobes can be used for added security.

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Mass Notification Systems

Valcom Mass Notification Systems Features:

  • Valcom Introduced Complete Self-Amplified Loudspeaker Paging Systems Designed to Operate over Telecommunication UTP Cabling, Valcom
  • Distributed Amplified Loudspeaker Technology has Become the De Facto Standard with Communication System Providers
  • Valcom Introduced an Extensive Line of Traditional Paging Amplifiers, Microphones and Loudspeakers Under the Brand Names Clarity and PagePac
  • Valcom was an Earlier Developer of Digital Voice Products Including the ISDN Software for The Motorola Development Systems and ISDN Modems
    Valcom Introduced Browser-Based Software Controlled School and Industrial Intercoms
  • In the 1990’s, Valcom Introduced TCP/IP Voice Products that Formed a Foundation for our High Reliability Network (99.999) Voice Platform, These High-Reliability Voice Networks are used in Critical Military and Industrial Applications
  • Valcom Introduced the Industry’s First IP Loudspeakers – Followed by the First IP PoE Loudspeakers More than Ten Years Ago
  • Valcom Software Paging Systems have Evolved into Robust IP Unified Mass Notification Systems Deployed on Government and Civilian Networks
  • Valcom Continues to Develop the Most Technologically Advanced Communication Solutions Based on our Customers Needs

Mass Notification Systems from Koetter Security

Some of the features provided by Valcom are IP and Analog PA Mass Notification Systems. This may include the direct connection to the National Weather Service or a client created message that can be modified via analog or IP based phone systems. This message may be translated through strategically placed speakers, sirens, visual notifications by LED Message Displays or just simply through the telephone system.

Valcom has long been well known for providing guidance and assistance in implementing everything from the simplest paging system to the most complex mass notification communications system solution. Their customer base includes most of the Fortune 500 companies, the majority of highly secure US Government facilities, local government emergency service organizations, and over 35,000 schools.

Virtually all of Valcom’s products are engineered, manufactured and supported in our 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. Valcom’s component products and engineered solutions are available through integrators like Koetter Security.

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