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Koetter Advanced Security Solutions is one of the few fully certified and trained PTI Dealers in the DFW area. With the DFW marketplace exhibiting growth in many industries, there is a great need for exterior security. This would include Storage Facilities and Industrial and Distribution sites that desire a greater scale of security, including control of who is let in and out of the grounds.

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About PTI Security Solutions

PTI Security Systems is the worldwide leader in access control and security solutions for the self-storage industry. To date, there are more than 35,000 installations of PTI products in self-storage facilities in 30+ countries. PTI provides the most innovative, durable and reliable security products in self-storage and offers a wide range of integrated security solutions including keypads, wired and wireless door alarms, mobile apps for both renters and facility staff, video surveillance solutions and powerful security software that integrates seamlessly with most management software on the market today.

PTI Highlights


Flexible Security Software and Controls Designed Specifically for Self Storage: Modern self storage businesses need innovative products and security systems. Our scalable security software integrates with all major property management software in self storage today. Access Control that works every day.


Mobile Gate Access and Storage Unit Monitoring: Give your renters the best experience possible with EasyCode. EasyCode takes away the hassle of having tenants remember gate access codes, gives them a simple touch interface to open gates and doors and monitor their storage unit activity. Plus, they can view their access history and get notifications from their unit(s).


Rugged Keypads Built to withstand the toughest environments, PTI keypads look great and will work flawlessly for years. Durable housings, metal touchpads, and built-in intercom ensures a great fit for your site.


Don’t Settle for Lower Standards Did you know that not having certified access control equipment can prevent you from getting your certificate of occupancy, insurance coverage, or even sign-off on your facility? This is why our equipment has been independently tested and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Access Control Systems Units (UL294).

PTI 700 Series Keypads

DigiGate keypads offer a variety of options including built-in intercom, customizable LCD screens, proximity readers, and card readers. Among the Digitech keypads are models that feature an on-board tamper switch, device operating relay, two independent alarm inputs to the system, and easy wiring, all of them backed by more than 25 years of innovation and experience. Secure entrances to wine rooms or areas for pharmaceutical or document storage with dedicated keypads and add layers of security to the facility. Include exit keypads and show everyone on-site at the time of vandalism or theft. Elevator keypads can control tenant access to specific floors.

DigiGate-700 keypads feature a stainless steel faceplate and heavy gauge aluminum housing to resist abuse and vandalism. The keypads can accept over 50 million actions and withstand the most extreme weather. Easy to install and configure, the keypads quickly connect to a Uni-Mux enabled system.

A DigiGate-700LX keypad is a flexible alternative that provides more capabilities for lightning protection, quick field change, and expanded control functions. Like other keypads in the series, DigiGate 700LX keypads feature a stainless steel faceplate and heavy gauge aluminum housing to resist abuse and vandalism. Easy to install and configure, the keypads have simple connections and are easily added to your system.

EasyCode: Your Mobile Gate Access Solution

The second-generation EasyCode app is the most advanced access-control, security, and monitoring technology in self-storage, and the app was redesigned to help self-storage owners and operators create a seamless experience for renters.

Security & Controller Software

The pairing of StorLogix software and the Falcon XT system controller provides the foundation for your facility’s access control, site security, and facility management. With features that range from basic to advanced and flexible programming capabilities, you can configure a solution that is perfect for your site. Start as simple or as advanced as the business requires and expand functionality as your operation grows.

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