Rosslare Access Systems

The vast range of products from Rosslare include harsh environment and all-weather systems, biometric integrated readers, contemporary and innovative smart card solutions, as well as other state-of-the-art features including convertible and secured readers/controllers, video enabled access control panels and other networked and standalone readers, controllers and accessories.

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Distributed Access Control

ExpansE, Rosslare’s new generation access control platform, is a distributed architecture access control panel, designed to provide medium-to-large scale applications with a solution that is both powerful and economical. The main controller is connected to the doors, only using communication technology, and is physically separated from the secondary units that manage the door elements (readers, locks, REX buttons, switches, and other I/Os). This substantially reduces cost per door, cabling, and simplifies installation.

Networked Multi-Door Controllers

Rosslare’s feature-rich family of scalable control panels provide easy and fast installation options. The panels come in a range of sizes, from single door networks to a maximum of 4092 doors. They combine RS-232, RS-485 and TCP/IP communication links, as well as PSTN telephony, where network infrastructure is not available. These systems provide vast flexibility to fit a wide range of applications including; extended quantity of access groups with different programmable behavior, full area support for events, grouping options anti-passback, and useful control features such as first-person delay, interlock, and more.

Video Enabled Networked Access Control Panels

Rosslare has developed a multi-door Networked Access Controller coupled with Edge DVR technology and a digital video server. The panel supports two analog/digital camera inputs and two voice channels. The system streams audio and video in ISO standard Compliant MPEG-4 (SP) in complete synchronization with real-time access control data. The smoothly integrated panel has a built-in embedded Linux OS with web server, enabling advanced network communication options.

Convertible and Secured Readers/Controllers

This product line is comprised of two product families (readers and controllers) with dedicated intelligent power supplies that convert readers to 500-user standalone controllers. Security is their main attribute, with the Auxiliary and Lock strike control separated from the main units. A variety of options enable flexible integration while maintaining high security.

Standalone Controllers

Rosslare’s controllers are made of high quality materials using innovative manufacturing procedures to ensure enhanced reliability and long-term duration. All controllers come with a 500-user capacity and selectable PIN code length of 4, 5, 6, or 4–8 digits. Most are fully-potted and sealed, protecting the components for a longer duration period in harsh weather environments.

Rosslare Readers

Rosslare’s readers are made of high quality materials utilizing innovative manufacturing procedures. The end result is a range of high quality products, with enhanced reliability for long term duration. Built to meet the demands of industry standard Wiegand 26-bit and other outputs, most readers feature multi-format outputs and are fully-potted and sealed. They have been designed to protect the components for longer life operation as well as withstanding harsh weather environments.

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