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Mobile Surveillance Units are a unique security product that interest many markets and completes various needs. Koetter’s Mobile Surveillance Units are custom designed to fit our client’s specific needs. We start off by understanding what the client is looking for. In most instances, a Commercial Contractor or a Residential Builder is looking for a temporary security solution without paying an arm and a leg for it. In these situations, there may be several solutions.

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Thinking “Outside the Box” with Mobile Monitoring Video Systems

With an ever growing Texas economy, the need for security in almost every aspect of business has seen consistent growth. With construction and business in full motion Koetter has recognizing the never ending need for Surviellance Video Solutions and asset protection in the Commercial and Residential Building sector. Along with other areas of this need such as Oil Fields, Events and other situational needs, our security systems solutions are custom built to client objectives.

Fully Portable Monitored Surveillance Unit

The first solution is offering a fully portable monitored surveillance unit. The unit is a 4 foot trailer that has customized cameras installed on a retractable pole. It is common to have 2 to 4 cameras on the pole of the trailer. The standalone IP system is then configured via sim card, a power source and or solar power. Once the system is active it works as a video alarm system. The system is monitored 24/7 by a UL Listed 24 hour Central Station Monitoring Center – Southwest Dispatch Center Richardson Texas. We can then set the parameters for how many views a client would like, depending on the activity at the site. For example – The system may not record or monitor during regular working hours and only from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Or we may set 2 cameras focusing on a specific area during key times and another 2 cameras only operating at other specific times.

Customized Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance Systems With Analytics And Motion

Once an event is triggered the monitoring center can view the site and determine if there is an event through live video streaming. The Central Station Monitoring Center will have live view, replacing the need for costly guard service. The monitoring center will, in turn, call the client or contact authorities. Video will be recorded and stored for viewing and evidence.

This type of Mobile Surveillance Unit is valuable to our clients because it alleviates the need to hire live security guards, brings down the cost of theft or property damage, enhances productivity on job sites and giving the client and authorities direct evidence and provided a “True Event”.

Some clients that benefit from these units are Commercial Construction Contractors, Residential Builders, Oil Field Operations, Temporary HOA community challenges – where power is an issue such as pool areas, playgrounds, and entrances. City Events such as County Fairs, Town events, Carnivals and Festivals for temporary use.

There is typically a 2 week turn around time for a customized solution. Koetter Security delivers and sets up the units, provides weekly and/or monthly maintenance checks and will relocate the units per contract terms. This option is for IP based/cloud-based systems.

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