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In today’s business environment productivity and often confidentiality are important factors in a business model. In new building design many architects and building owners opt for an open concept work environment.Cubicles are often smaller, building materials may not be an effective sound barrier and work based “noises” may easily distract and hinder productivity. Koetter Advanced Security has sought out and is honored to work with and offer a sound masking system that was developed and patented by MIT Engineers that uses the lowest, most effective frequencies to sound out noise

Sound Silencing Systems from Koetter Security

In today’s work environment design architects, building developers, property groups and business owners often opt for the most ideal work flow, specialty layouts and work place efficiencies. Open work spaces, modified cubicles and cohesive flow are optimal and valuable to any office or medical space. What is an important factor with these spaces are the privacy and noise reductions that allows for a productive work environment. Noise silencing and sound masking is an ideal and viable solution for the work space as it can keep annoying noises to a minimum and work efficiency at its best.

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Koetter Advanced Security offers the design and installation of the only Green Certified Sound masking systems on the market today. Sound Silencing Systems are based in Plano Texas and are used in governmental agencies, office building, medical offices and anywhere that there is a need to mute sounds and noises.

With a simple installation and control system you can determine what areas should be adjusted in the building and what areas are not necessary. Architects and Builders will find that the quality and standards are Leed Certified. We can install these systems quickly and efficiently after rough ins or right before move ins.

Koetter Advanced Security Solutions is an authorized distributor of VoiceArrestâ„¢ Sound Masking System. In a world where privacy is crucial in any environment whether it be a doctor’s office or an office building let Koetter Security help you give your business the privacy it needs.

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