Transportation Security Solutions

Risks present in the trucking and shipping industry tend to be resource-intensive, in terms of costs, equipment, and personnel. Besides maintaining employee safety during routine operations, employers must safeguard expensive inventory and equipment from misuse, theft and environmental dangers. Solutions designed to reduce these risks vary greatly and companies must leverage the use of technology to protect their assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Transportation, Trucking & Shipping Industry Security Challenges

The trucking and shipping industries have their own set of security concerns. Many warehouses have enormous amounts of freight coming and going 24 hours a day. These facilities are very large spaces with many overhead and other access doors that create challenges to cover efficiently with cameras. High cash value freight is a frequent target of sophisticated criminals who use the chaotic, fast-paced distribution environment to their advantage. FBI statistics indicate that most freight theft occurs when a truck leaves a warehouse or distribution center.

Trucking and shipping terminals are often located in industrial parks or suburban areas that are open and difficult to protect. This increases the number of security threats posed, including vandalism/graffiti and perimeter protection issues. Shipping locations, trucks, equipment, parked trailers and shipping containers are susceptible to criminal behavior and often targets for vandals and pranksters. Video surveillance is a good deterrence to these activities and assists authorities prosecute offenders.

Security Solutions from Koetter Include

Visitor, and Staff Safety
Facility Monitoring
Integration to External Systems
Access Control Systems
Video/CCTV Surveillance
Mass Notification System
Monitored Intrusion Detection and Alarms
Monitored Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection
Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Security Solutions from Koetter Include:

There are three main components to physical security. First, obstacles in the way of potential attackers and sites can be hardened against accidents and environmental disasters. These obstacles include access control systems such as multiple locks, fencing, walls, fireproof safes, and water sprinkler systems. Secondly, surveillance and notification systems such as lighting, heat sensors, smoke detectors, intrusion detectors, alarms, and video surveillance provide information on attempted intrusion or fire. Third, methods should be implemented to catch attackers (preferably, before any damage has been done) and to recover from accidents, fires, or natural disasters as quickly as possible.

Staff & Visitor

Trucking and shipping terminals present a natural breeding ground for conflict, especially when people work closely together for extended periods of time. In trucking and shipping terminals, simple arguments between workers can escalate rapidly and lead to violence. Harassment is another major issue that must be dealt with rapidly before it escalates to violence or lawsuits.

With very extensive coverage areas, large staff, and dangerous machinery that need to be monitored, effective positioning of video camera surveillance that can record high-quality images is an essential security implement for your operation. Knowing that any incidents will be seen on cameras and then recorded onto the digital video management system provides peace of mind. Video clips can be exported quickly for any ensuing investigations.

In the event of an emergency, a centralized security management system can notify authorities for an immediate response, record video, open doors and access points, automatically trigger voice alarms, provide reports, and account for all personnel in and out of covered areas.

Koetter supplied trucking and transportation industry security products provide a range of security solutions from standalone access control, video/CCTV, intrusion and fire systems, to customized single screen solutions that will integrate not only those platforms but will link to other facility systems to produce a centralized control system that can address the needs of your security department, as well as providing crucial information to other areas of the business.

Chain of Custody Issues

Integrated safety and security systems can provide critical evidence and chain of custody information needed to verify which drivers and handlers were involved in any incident. Other risks occur when freight is accidentally loaded onto the wrong trucks. Carefully located cameras and quick access to video recordings can provide management with the location of the lost freight. Surveillance systems in combination with access control provide for crucial verification of the location of employees and independent owner-operators.

Mass Notification System

Whether to alert people to an emergency or just a method of facility communications, an integrated intercom system will help secure the facility and provide direction to employees and customers.

External Threats

All events and alarms can be remotely monitored 24/7 with integrated video and access control systems, something that is essential for multi site facilities. Any unauthorized access attempts or movements in predefined fields of view will trigger an alarm that is captured by the cameras and then recorded onto the video management system. In case of an emergency, the system can lock down all doors (based on event monitoring) or autolock them at any given time of day.

As an identified threat level increases, the security system operation can be changed accordingly. Individual employee access levels can be automatically amended and security levels heightened to reflect these changes automatically.

Heat, Smoke and Fire Detection and Suppression

Koetter fire protection systems are designed to detect heat and smoke 24/7, even when systems are not armed, and monitoring personnel can coordinate with emergency authorities to provide businesses with the fastest response possible when critical. Koetter fire protection expertise is known globally for providing integrated solutions to detect and suppress every type of fire threat.

Koetter Security Understands your Transportation, Trucking & Shipping Industry Security Needs

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our trucking and transportation industry security solutions are built with the user in mind that make system operation efficient and straight forward. You can count on Koetter for the integrated security system solutions you need to enhance your operation and security. You’ll sleep better with Koetter Advanced Security Solutions on the job!

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