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Whether your needs are basic or complex, Koetter Security can design a client managed Video Surveillance System for any type of operation. Koetter offers a wide selection of Video Surveillance Products to a vast array of customers such as Retail, Corporate, Petrochemical, Distribution Warehouses, Multi-Unit Properties, Office Building, Corporate Campuses, Schools and Government Agencies. Our IP Based Video Surveillance Systems utilize a video rated network digital recorder and IP Cameras. Our systems may be from our Manufactures such as Panasonic or Geovision or we may custom build a server. To add additional value our IP Based Systems can seamlessly integrate to Access Control such as Geovision and Continental Access for full building integration.

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Vivotek Video Security

Vivotek gives you the ability to create and maintain an effective and reliable IP Surveillance System. Utilizing Vivotek’s state-of-the-art IP Network Cameras (including PTZ Cameras), users can build a completely scalable, high performance wired or wireless IP Surveillance System that can effectively monitor and protect valuable assets.

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Speech Privacy Systems

Based in Plano Texas Speech Privacy Systems product is Leed Certifed and Green Spec approved. Sound Masking is important for a “sound” work environment. Adding sound masking to an office space or medical facility enhances productivity and keeps distraction abay. Koetter Advanced Security is an authorized dealer of Speech Privacy Systems.

Speco CCTV Cameras

Speco Security Systems

For over fifty years, Speco Technologies has been dedicated to providing the latest innovations in video surveillance and electronic accessories, as well as the highest quality audio products for commercial use. Speco is most recognized for their affordable and easy to use line of security digital video recorders and intensifier series bullet security cameras, including PTZ cameras. Recently Speco Technologies has introduced some very popular network cameras at a very affordable price.

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Analog Security Cameras

Panasonic Security Cameras

Panasonic is an industry leader known for its video imaging expertise and innovative technology, marking nearly a dozen industry firsts. With a comprehensive line of intelligent analog, hybrid, and IP video surveillance solutions, Panasonic’s performance, quality and reliability deliver all the security you need. For applications requiring flexible pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, Panasonic offers a line of cameras that deliver extraordinary capabilities in both image quality and day-to-day performance.

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Sony Electronic’s Security Systems Division produces a full line of professional security and surveillance technologies that set industry standards for image quality and performance. All products are based on Sony’s advanced image sensors, which provide greater resolution at higher speeds than any other imaging technology. All of Sony’s security surveillance products are available through its dedicated network of channel partners, which Sony collaborates with to design and customize total solutions.

Sony CCTV Cameras

Sony offers a comprehensive new approach to the Security industry, integrating a wide range of value-added application providers. Sony offers a range of network-based video security products for surveillance applications includes IP cameras, PTZ cameras, network recorders, CCTV, monitors, accessories, encoders and security software. Sony video security products provide a cost-effectively staged and seamless transition from analogue to digital, integrating old and new across the complete Sony range as well as other manufacturers’ security products.

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GeoVision Security Systems

GeoVision is a professional security company that focuses on the research and development of video surveillance products and video content analysis. GeoVision is a leader in the sector of PC-based video surveillance and its video surveillance products bridge both the analog and digital worlds. GeoVision’s video surveillance products can integrate with central monitoring stations, access control systems, point-of-sale, ATM, GIS, and license plate recognition systems.

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Commercial Video Surveillance Solutions from Koetter

IP Video Solutions: Technology, in general, is ever-changing, and so too is the camera industry as it intersects the world of commercial security. At Koetter Security, we constantly monitor these technological advances to ensure that we can provide the most up-to-date system and solutions. From a very good quality 1.3 MP camera to a 12 or 15 MP high-end IP camera, such as the Geovision PTZ, Fisheye combo, we cover a broad spectrum of security products to meet your needs and fit your budget.

The list of IP video options seems endless, causing decision-making to seem daunting. What makes Koetter Security unique is that our onsite system engineer will visit your location before designing a Video Surveillance System. This ensures that the correct cameras are used based on client-stated needs, plus our expert evaluation. We have designed and installed numerous Video Systems for School Districts, Distribution Centers, Office Spaces, Multi-Unit Properties, Financial Facilities and many more types of businesses, organizations, etc.

Although our Video Surveillance Systems are managed by the end-user, we offer 24 hour Central Station Monitoring. We can create an on-site monitoring station for on-duty guards, and our cameras can be viewed via a phone app or remotely from any PC with the best security protocol available.

Customized Video Surveillance Solutions from Koetter

Although many industries have similar needs when it comes to safety and security, Koetter Advanced Security Solutions recognizes the importance of creating customized solutions for each of its customers. Additionally, Koetter knows that understanding the business environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that the solution has all the capabilities to meet the needs of the user. Our video Surveillance solutions are built with the user in mind and contain mechanisms that make system operation efficient and straight forward. Companies like yours count on Koetter to protect their brand and drive business growth; we can do it for your company too!

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